Star Trek Tos Banda Sonora

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  1. I know some people don’t like the slpeucating craze, but I have some thoughts on the whole Mitchell vs Khan thing. Just know that I may be kind of out of the loop and you all might know information I don’t, in which case please share. I don’t think it’s Gary Mitchell. People have been talking about the mere appearance of the characters. They say that Cumberbatch looks much more like Mitchell than Khan. This is true but we should keep in mind the original actor they wanted for the part was Benicio Del Toro. This was their ideal choice, and it would be a weird choice for Mitchell, but makes sense for Khan. After they got turned down I think they figured they’d rather go with a popular and great actor than one that looks like the original Khan. People point to the starfleet uniform seen in the teaser as more evidence for Mitchell. Yeah, thats another good point, but it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for them to find a reason to have anyone wear that. If we’re talking about looks, what about the much more signifying silver eyes? One would think that if they’re doing Mitchell they would’ve had carried that over. People point out that Alice Eve looks like Dehner. She does look a lot like her. Another good point. But one of the main reasons I think it can’t be Mitchell is the comics. Mitchell and Dehner die, right? They may find some reason to bring them back but it seems like Kirk had never seen the Alice Eve character before, not to mention she wouldn’t exactly be the screaming-in-terror-type, if she had god-like powers. You may think they could just ignore the comics, and it’s not cannon. Thats true, but the way the comics have been going is that they started out basically re-telling old episodes, and things slowly became more different. The comics are meant to build up even more towards the movie. Even if they just forget the comics, it would be a bizarre choice to even feature Mitchell in the comics like they did.Then there’s the Karl Urban incident. For people who had paid attention to the build up to the batman movies, you know that the movie makers will straight up lie about what’s going to be in the movie. You may say that Urban slipped up, but I think it was planned. After word got out that it could be Khan, everyone involved in the movie seemed desperate to get fans to think that wasn’t the case. I think it’s Khan for all the reasons you’ve probably heard before. Are there any reason people think it’s Mitchell that I’m missing? +11Was this answer helpful?

    16 marzo, 2014 en 11:46

    • Thank Wandersonluan you for entering the blog and comment.

      Captain Silverspock

      17 marzo, 2014 en 17:25

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